The international bestseller - 3rd edition in a new format

Organize for Complexity

BetaCodex Publishing Vol. 1. A fresh approach to org & team effectiveness

International release in 2019!


BetaCodex Publishing Vol. 2. Organizational method for a complex world

Already a hit in the German-speaking countries, the much-lauded new book by Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermann is about to be published.

More on the Complexitools publishing campaign, and the book, coming soon! The book contains 33 Complexitools and 22 Complexideas: A fresh start for organizational development and leadership in dynamic times. This book is dense, fun, thought-provoking, counter-intuitive and gorgeous. Lush 8x8in (203x203mm) format.

Paperback. Fully colored, illustrated. 144 pages. 

Now available!

OpenSpace Beta

BetaCodex Publishing Vol. 3. The handbook for full-fledged organizational transformation in just a few months

Organizational transformation: Now available to everyone. Within just a few months!

Principled. Strictly by invitation. Time-boxed. With everyone at once. This is the alternative to change management as we know it.
Handbook format.

Paperback. Fully colored, illustrated. 144 pages. 

Our new product line: Accessible and content-rich!


A growing range of exciting work materials. For individuals and groups large & small

A new range of publications. Soon in English, too!

Mindful. Edgy. Fun.

Our books are unlike most others. They are incredibly to the point. Visualized and fully colored. Practically theoretic. Inspiring. Featuring cutting-edge insights. And enormously entertaining.

The book´s first readers have thus given us a big thumbs up. Add on that a seminar format that is hugely engaging and that has been designed and tested by Niels throughout 7 years, while teaching at several universities and facilitating courses. That is the power of organizing for complexity!


If you are a blogger, a journalist, a social media maverick: ask for review copies of the books.

Worldwide distribution

Our books are compact, new and exciting.
Our core topics are work, leadership, and organizational transformation in the age of complexity.

BetaCodex Publishing books are available internationally - through the most powerful worldwide distribution network, which is the Ingram distribution network. So far, we have edited in English and Portuguese - further languages will eventually come up, as well as additional products, and new formats.


The shop on this webste allows you to buy all our titles for worldwide delivery, at excellent pricing and shipping cost. Check it out.


Organize for Complexity and Complexitools are also 1- to 3-day workshops, and a methodology for organizational, or leadership development  programs in companies of all industries and sizes. 

Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermann have extensive experience in designing and delivering seminars and programs globally. Customized to your need. Your situation. Your language. Your team. Your company. We make use of cutting-edge learning didactics and a dizzying variety of intervention formats. 

An international team of experienced advisors and facilitators can assist you in running seminars for you, or with embedding our content in your development programs. 

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InfoQ interview about the OpenSpace Beta handbook

Ben Linders from InfoQ interviewed Silke Hermann and Niels Pflaeging, authors of OpenSpace Beta, about their brand new approach to invitation-based, rapid and lasting organizational transformation, which employs  OpenSpace and the BetaCodex, among other social technologies. InfoQ readers can download a sample of the handbook on the website, too. Access the interview here:






3rd edition in a brand new 8x8 inch format launched!

This is the book´s most beautiful edition so far, by far.

In a brand new format. Updated and revised.

Buy individual copies or packages in this website´s shop!

What others say about our books

"Organize for Complexity is the essential handbook for management in the network era."

"Niels has managed to distill the essential components of organizational development, leadership, and management into a single, short, clear volume that is easy to read and understand. It aligns with the principles of wirearchy and connected leadership and is a welcome addition to management thinking. At a very reasonable price, every company should just buy several copies, read them, and see how they can implement these ideas. In complexity, there are no cookie cutter solutions, but this is the best cook book to keep on hand."  Harold Jarche

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