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The philosophy

We have heard that over and over:

"That kind of book will never work. Publishers will not buy it, nor will readers!"


Turns out that, more often than not, a few years later, the very same things that supposedly "could never work", actually get done, and successfully so.

The business books market is full of self-defying beliefs that cripple innovation. Deep-rooted myths and dogmas inhibit fresh formats, and make conceiving cool books and formats difficult, or even impossible.


At BetaCodex Publishing, we believe that business books can be imaginative. Beautiful. Artsy. Thrilling. Illuminating. Humorous. Fun.

Which is why we got into making these books ourselves.


Our books are unlike most others. They are incredibly to the point. Visualized and fully colored.

Practically theoretic. Inspiring. Featuring cutting-edge insight. And we strive to make them enormously entertaining.

In short: We want to make books that deserve to be called "cool".

Readers of our first book, Organize for Complexity, published in 2014, gave us a big thumbs up. We take that as a call to action!
Now, in 2018, we are releasing two more books (at least) - read more about our Volume 2 and Volume 3.


Add to that business book concepts that combine:

  • the most avant-garde content,
  • crisp prose, free of story-telling (at least in our books so far),
  • contemporary visual style & graphic design,
  • and worldwide distribution.

That is the power of BetaCodex Publishing. We intend to push the boundaries of the business book much, much further still.


If you are a blogger, a journalist, a social media maverick: ask for review copies of our books.

BetaCodex Publishing books so far

Vol. X: Beyond Budgeting, Better Budgeting - Niels Pflaeging (German only) - 2011

Vol. 1: Organize for Complexity - Niels Pflaeging - 2014

Vol. 2: Complexitools - Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermannn- 2018

Vol. 3: OpenSpace Beta - Silke Hermann & Niels Pflaeging - 2018

Our authors

Authors Niels Pflaeging and Silke Hermann (shown below) started BetaCodex Publishing. A few factors, combined, contributed to their founding of this publishing group, and potential movement. Firstly, Niels found it hard to find an editor in the English-speaking world that would serve him as a partner. Other established authors from Northern America warned him that "there was actually not a single decent publisher for business books out there". So, after a while, Niels turned to self-publishing. Another important factor was that, with Organize for Complexity, Niels´ fifth book, he had started to take over much of the book design and (self-)publishing process himself. With the swift success of Organize for Complexity, Silke and Niels decided to continue making highly visual, illustrated, and graphically enhanced books, together. Not just as authors, but as producers. They also figured that full-color production and print should not be the exception, but the rule for the business books they would make together. 

As a publishing group, our aim is to build a pack, and eventually a movement of authors who are committed to helping bring about Beta, much Beta organizations! A community that supports each other with conceiving, designing, editing and promoting their books, mutually.

Much like what Apple Records aspired to be for the Beatles and their peers, in the 1970s.


This is an invitation: Join us! Publish your books with BetaCodex Publishing!

Let´s reinvent the business book. Let´s help make the Necessary Organizational Renaissance happen. 

What others say about our books

"At a very reasonable price, every company should just buy several copies, read them, and see how they can implement these ideas." Harold Jarche


"In Pflaegings book, the network organization gains contour. All that is beautifully visualized. In short, Niels Pflaeging shows how to build the New Organization, encouraging us to begin building it. It´s the agenda 2014, if you will." changeX


"Very inspiring, highly likable format. This book is fun!"

"To me, even after this brief period, the book has become a frequently consulted source informing my work".


"A book that comes handy, easy to read, but without being fuzzy or unprecise. It presents a credible big picture of contemporary Organizational Development. "


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