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The publisher as "author collective"

Niels Pflaeging and Silke Hermann (pictured below) started BetaCodex Publishing in New York, in 2015. Several factors, combined, led to the creation of this publishing brand, and potential movement.


At the time, Niels found it hard to find an editor in the English-speaking world that would work with him, even though he was already a recognized author in German-speaking countries, with several books published. Other authors from North America warned him about the English-language market: "There is not a single decent publisher for business books out there" he was told by peers from North America. So, after a few years, Niels turned to self-publishing for his work in English. Not much surprise there.


But remaining independent from commercial business book publishers had a big advantage, too. It promised greater "artistic control". Which may sound rather grand in the context of the business book. But consider this: Book publishers usually pick about a book´s trim size, they decide about the title and pretty much everything around cover design, paper quality and price. Little wonder why many authors get frustrated from working with publishers! Silke and Niels intended to move beyond common business book dogmas: They figured that full-color print should not be an exception with their business books, but rather the rule for their books They believed and still believe that moderately priced paperbacks are far more appealing than weighty hardcovers filled with endless storytelling. That volume orders should attractively discounted. And so on.


The first four books from BetaCodex Publishing were all authored by Silke and Niels. In 2015, Organize for Complexity was released, and greeted with phenomenal resonance. 2018 was the year of OpenSpace Beta, and 2020 saw the publication of "Essays on Beta, Vol. 1" by Niels. As well as the publication of new, revised editions of the previous books. Their new book, Complexitools, is now just around the corner. But that is far from being the end of the story.


Design plays an important role in our work


With Organize for Complexity, Niels' 5th book, he began to take much of the book design and publishing process into his own hands. The swift success of Organize for Complexity in German led to Silke and Niels re-thinking their joint publication strategy, entirely. They decided to produce compact, highly visual, illustrated and graphically enhanced books, together. Not just as authors, but as producers and publishers of business books. Not just their own, but also those of peers who were contributing to what both call the Necessary Organizational Renaissance. 


Silke and Niels are design-crazy aesthetics aficionados. The range of BetaCodex Publishing is not limited to books, however. In 2019, BetaCodex Publishing started to publish booklets, posters, card sets, learning boxes, learning bundles and merchandise. Check out the full range of BetaCodex Publishing products in the Red42 web shop.

You are invited!

As a peer publishing group, our aim is to first build a pack, and eventually a movement of authors committed to helping bring about Beta organizations! A community that supports each other with conceiving, designing, editing and promoting their books, mutually. Much like what Apple Records aspired to be for the Beatles and their peers, in the 1970s. The only boundaries, or the "rubber bands" that set the space for the content we publish as BetaCodex Publishing is the 12 principles of the BetaCodex.


This is an invitation: Join us! Publish your books with BetaCodex Publishing! Do you have cool content? Do you want to write, develop and/or design learning materials that fits with the BetaCodex? Then let´s reinvent the business book and organizational learning. Let´s help make the Necessary Organizational Renaissance happen. 

What others say about our books

"At a very reasonable price, every company should just buy several copies, read them, and see how they can implement these ideas." Harold Jarche


"In Pflaegings book, the network organization gains contour. All that is beautifully visualized. In short, Niels Pflaeging shows how to build the New Organization, encouraging us to begin building it. It´s the agenda 2014, if you will." changeX


"Very inspiring, highly likable format. This book is fun!"

"To me, even after this brief period, the book has become a frequently consulted source informing my work".


"A book that comes handy, easy to read, but without being fuzzy or unprecise. It presents a credible big picture of contemporary Organizational Development. "


5-star rating on Amazon.de.

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