Vol. 2: Complexitools (2019)

by Niels Pflaeging & Silke Hermann. Organizational method for a complex world

To be released in 2019

Complexitools was first published in German in the Summer of 2015.

It became an instant bestseller in the German-speaking countries, selling more than 18.000 copies so far, garnering enthusiastic response from media and from readers alike.


This book is the 2nd part of the Organize for Complexity trilogy,

It is Niels´ fifth book overall, and the first he co-authored with Silke Hermann. Complexitools is far more than a continuation, though: Dense, thoughtful, and full of crisply articulated insight, the book offers a tour de force through a startling range of business topics, from performance systems, to organization design, to change and interventions:


The book encapsulates 33 highly innovative “complexitools” and 22 “complexideas”, or “thinking tools”, presented on only one or two pages each. The book is fully colored. It was illustrated by German designer Pia Steinmann.


You can pre-order the book´s international edition through Complexitools.com, and later here and through book retailers worldwide, The German edition can be ordered through Amazon.de, through this website, or through the book´s website komplexithoden.de.

More about Complexitools the book coming soon.

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